Global Game Jam 2017

Some development photos from the Global Game Jam hosted at Abertay University. This year the theme was ‘wave’ and over the weekend Mona Bozdog, Danny Parker, Lynn Parker,  and Alex Pass devised and built the wave of live, ‘Ola De La Vida‘.

Ola De La Vida is a three player co-operative game where players form the wave of life and have to help fallen luchador piñata on their journey to the next realm. To play, each player adorns the sacred poncho, taking on the role of the three headed mystical being responsible for the wave, each head representing the stages of life; El Niño, El Primo and El Muerte. Each player stands upon a Wii balance board, hold hands with one another. Once in position, El Niño and El Muerte lift the Maracas of life completing the wave and inviting the lost luchadoacorn souls to pass. To play, players must sway side to side with their bodies in order to tilt their part of the wave of life (as seen on a screen or projection). The undulations of the wave will help the fallen luchador piñata on their way, allowing safe passage. Each player must continue to hold the hands of their co-players and the maracas of life throughout the game. If the players let go of one another’s hands, or maracas then the wave is broken and the remaining piñata on the wave of life fall to Earth and are doomed to be play things for children for all eternity. Ay Caramba!

Global Game Jam Page for Ola De La Vida

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