Month: June 2010


Now, I don’t claim to be the worlds greatest writer. In fact,if I were to rank myself against the most astounding writers in history, I’d place myself somewhere around 11th – 12th maybe, but that’s only because I’d want to include Douglas Adams twice, but I do understand what I’m writing.
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Time, or lack thereof

This is merely a courtesy entry to say that there won’t be an entry this week. My jetsetting, rock and roll lifestyle has prevented me from finding the time to put fingers to keyboard and pen (is it strictly penning if you’re typing?) a WimD entry.

But, fear not lesser mortals, for I shall return in but a week, with an entry so mind-fuckingly awesome, you may not ever recover. The topic will be an extremely touchy one, and one that I fear may have me marked for death within an hour of its publication. But I am man enough to rise to the challenge or, at the very least, I am man enough to find a sturdy hole to hide in until the trouble has gone away.

So, I shall away. The roll can not roll without the rock.

Oh, and there will be blog art too. A nifty new header graphic that is built of so much win that it raced itself and lost.

Tata for now.


I’m late.

I said I’d only be 40 minutes or so, and it’s now pushing an hour and a half and I still have to go to Asda. But, as late as I am, I’m not going to be long in Asda because I only have a few things to pick up, I know where they all are, and I can fly through the self-checkout and be home before you can say paracetamoxyfrusibendroneomycin (thank you The Amateur Transplants).
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Why I Hate Online Gaming

From the safety of a corrugated rooftop, lying flat on my stomach, I silently focus the crosshairs of my sniper rifle onto the back of the unwitting enemy soldiers head. Scarcely daring to breath, I count 2 beats and pull the trigger.

As I Respawn 300ft away, on the other side of this particular section of town, outside an abandoned warehouse, my kill streak in virtual tatters, I contemplate revenge on the enemy sniper that took me out, milliseconds before I was to take my 7th straight kill.

An enemy sniper called Muthakilla457.
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