Month: October 2010


Nothing this week (well, except for this, obviously), those total bastards at work are making me work…actually work. I mean, what the hell!!!

What do you mean, what does that have to do with anything? Where do you think I write this drivel? Provided I’m tapping away diligently at a keyboard, no-one gives a stuff what I’m actually typing.

Anyway, sorry about that. There will be drivel next week.


Make sure you tune in, it has 90’s era arcade games in it.

Go North

Having very recently discovered an old BBC Micro favourite, Hunt the Wumpus (a text based game that involves hunting the aforementioned Wumpus through a maze like setting, and one that could be beaten ridiculously easily by simply firing an arrow off at random and skewering the stupid beast), I began to get a hankering for text based adventuring. I miss the descriptions of the locations, the single letter directions and ‘Syntax Error’ appearing every time you tried the phrase ‘Pick up object’.

And it got me thinking; would other games work as text games?
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I Have An Inkling

I got a tattoo at the weekend. Wasn’t my first, won’t be my last.

Yeah, I know, I’m cool.

But, you know what’s weird? The first thing that anyone who doesn’t have a tattoo asks is ‘Did it hurt?’.
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I turned 33 at the weekend, and I’m concerned.

It concerns me that I’m getting old. Not because of the grey hair or loss of bladder control (I’m quite looking forward to that), but because of my increasing inability to do things that I used to.
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