Month: June 2011

Doesn’t Cut It

OK now, come on now, enough’s enough. You’ve had your bit of fun now toddle off and start taking things a little more seriously.

Seriously guys, what do you think you’re achieving? Hmm? What, precisely do you imagine that you look like?

I mean, come on! I get that you think you need to prove your masculinity; demonstrate to the world (and, no doubt, your constantly disapproving parents who just don’t ‘get you’) that you’re your own man and can wear what you want and can do what you want with your hair…..

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Keep on Riding

So, I know that I haven’t been around much; life, work, crime fighting, these all just keep getting in the way. For those that have missed me, I promise to be around a lot more over the coming weeks. And for those that couldn’t give a shit and hadn’t realised that I’d been absent, well, I promise to be around a lot more over the coming weeks. You know, just to piss you off.

Anyway, I’ll let you into a little secret about something else I’ve been doing over the passed couple of weeks, something that I thought would be a good idea given my advancing years and ballooning waistline…..


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