This is merely a courtesy entry to say that there won’t be an entry this week. My jetsetting, rock and roll lifestyle has prevented me from finding the time to put fingers to keyboard and pen (is it strictly penning if you’re typing?) a WimD entry.

But, fear not lesser mortals, for I shall return in but a week, with an entry so mind-fuckingly awesome, you may not ever recover. The topic will be an extremely touchy one, and one that I fear may have me marked for death within an hour of its publication. But I am man enough to rise to the challenge or, at the very least, I am man enough to find a sturdy hole to hide in until the trouble has gone away.

So, I shall away. The roll can not roll without the rock.

Oh, and there will be blog art too. A nifty new header graphic that is built of so much win that it raced itself and lost.

Tata for now.