Well, this a mite embarrassing.

See, I have 3 entries all written and ready to go and a fourth (why did I use a number for the 3 but wrote the word ‘fourth? Meh, who cares) in progress about the evils of fashion (I had to spit just for typing the word).

However, all 4 of them are currently on a flash drive, nestling lovingly in the USB port on my work PC.

Yes, I’m a knob.

I know, I know, I should have them all  saved onto this system with release dates already entered, but that involves organisation and common sense, and I have neither of those things.

So, apologies for my total and utter wankishness. I shall berate myself further in private and promise to copy all the entries I have onto the system at the first available opportunity.

Did I mention I’m a knob?